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Uplift Your Vacation Dreams In Brazil at Buzio’s Picturesque Paradise

12 Mar 16 - 00:14

Buzios- A Brazilian Heaven with a Perfect Blend Of Sophistication and Relaxation

Having a full name of Armacao dos Buzios, the spectacular setting based on the Brazilian coast is commonly known as simply ‘Buzios’. Being located on a jutting peninsula, this splendid Brazilian destination is considered as the most upscale paradise, filled with seaside resorts, fine restaurants, luxury villas, boutiques, bards and posh pousadas. It’s a small city with a population of 20,000 inhabitants and situated around 170km away from the city of Rio de Janeiro. In simple words, the exuberant beaches, millions tourists and a cozy, yet lively downtown are the benchmarks of this magnificent city.

Remember one important thing that, Buzios can be visited throughout the year but especially  in summer the weather is wonderful. The months from November to March are considered to be the peak season.


Top Highlights That Makes Buzios a Scenic Paradise
Awe-inspiring Beaches in Buzios-The Real Heritage. Among many other well-known seaside destinations along the Brazilian coastline, the attractiveness of Buzios lies in its charming beaches. These beaches are the treasured part of this city’s heritage; but most of them are declared as environmentally protected zone with an ultimate intent of preserving them from kiosks or restaurants being built ruining up the natural richness of the sites. However, leisure activities are provided to entertain the tourists, best suiting the geographical confirmation details of beaches.



While the west coast of the Brazilian peninsula includes serene and clear waters, whereas the east coast embraces the rushing waves, offering a mesmerizing scenario for water sports enthusiasts. In fact, the west side of the peninsula is covered in rocks and luxuriant vegetation. However, the tranquil waters of this beach make it a perfect place for scuba diving and swimming.

Dining In Buzios. Hosting Gastronomic Festival on an annual basis, Buzios enjoys a wide array of international dining scene. But the cuisines available locally are of excellent quality and also must-try recipes. Focusing more on seafood based plates, local Brazilian restaurants serve dishes like grilled fish, caldeirada and moqueca. Then, the seafood stew based on all sorts of fish, from calms, to prawns, lobsters and some unusual species like sting rays, made from coconut milk and dende oil. Most restaurants also offer classic meat dishes like picanha na pedra, consisting of steak barbecued in stone. However, the paradise of Buzios can give you a great feast for foodies’ taste buds, as some of the greatest restaurants stand out in this delightful scenario.

Beach in Brazil

Vibrant Nightlife In Buzios. Buzios boasts a vibrant nightlife scene throughout the city center streets. Crowded with shops, bars and clubs, the energizing surrounding offers an ample selection of sparkling dance clubs, alluring lounge spaces and sophisticated jazz atmospheres.

Conclusion. Being definitely on the tourist list, many people with a casual knowledge of Brazil probably are not yet aware of it. It’s impossible to have a discussion about Buzios’ scenes without choosing an incoming tour operator in Brazil. It’s highly recommended to visit Buzios to catch a tan and relax on its white sand beaches with the Brazil tour operator of Ada Tours! I’m sure you’ll love the place and will love the experiences!

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