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A Brazil Tour Is Incomplete Without a Trip to Rio de Janeiro & Iguazu

09 Jul 16 - 04:52

Brazil is such a gigantic country that making a decision what to visit can be a big challenge. Brazil is the size of the continental US and the diverse topography,  from dense Amazon Rain, contemporary urban capitals, and of course huge stretches of immaculate sandy beaches, means the holiday choices are almost limitless. But in you only have a week of time, you’ll want to explore the highlights of Brazil. Here I am going to write about the 2 most visited places in Brazil that you shouldn’t miss.

Brazil Tour

Rio de Janeiro.
You simply cannot think of Brazil without thinking of Rio de Janeiro. Though this popular city isn’t the capital of the country, it’s one of the most livelycities in South America. With an incredibly efficient transportation system, it’s simple to discover each and every corner of the town, which’s snuggled between lush tropical hills and beautiful beaches. Christ the Redeemer is standing above Rio, and was lately voted for as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. The statue can be witnessed from a long distance and pop up between buildings when you least expect. And of course, the sight of the town from the top of the mountain is absolutely incredible.


Rio de Janeiro


Though Rio de Janeiro is famous both for its natural and man-made attractions, Iguazu Falls is a pure natural beauty. Placed at the meeting of the borders of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, Iguazu is pretty secluded but worth the additional trip. An incredible amount of 275 individual falls merge to make this striking and panoramic waterfall. You can pay a trip to the falls from both Argentina and Brazil. Keep in mind that to tour the Brazil side you require a visa if you are from the US, Argentina, or Canada and you should have this visa prior to your journey to Brazil. The Argentina side is more widespread, with 2 major routes known as the Upper & Lower circuits. On the Brazil side you can have better overview  of the falls from the other part of the river, and you can stroll up nearthe lower part of the strongest waterfall

Iguazu Falls

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